4000 Golden Age Drive | Batavia, OH 45103


This facility has very hard-working and caring staff. I have never seen the support and love from nurses, aides, and the administration that they have here at Batavia Nursing Care Center. They all made my decision easy to place my father into their care. I know when I am not with him, he is being taken care of just as if he was home. Thank you all at Batavia Nursing Care Center.


I would like to express my gratitude to the entire staff. Our experience with this facility has been wonderful. Everyone is so loving and caring and always has the patient's best interest at heart always willing to go above and beyond. Even the facility always looks and smells so clean and everyone is friendly. Our mother is very happy here and our family is extremely grateful for the Wonderful care that she receives.


The hospitality in 'Batavia Nursing Center' was more than I could ever ask for. The love, the harmony, I got from the staff was impeccable. The respect - O'my! there is not enough words to even tell you how much that meant to me. If my door was closed, as it was most of the time because I like privacy, the staff would knock on the door and tell me who they were before entering.

In the time I was gone away from home was 45 days and I honestly thought I would only be in here two weeks tops. Your people (Therapy) showed me I was wrong, during that time they showed me more things than I knew myself so I want to give thanks to the Greatest Therapy Team Batavia has ever had. Kudo's to you!!

To the nursing assistants that was on my hall, thank you for answering my light in a timely manner, for getting me things that I needed. Also for helping me with my bathe's/showers. Also helping me to the bathroom.

To all the nurses - I love you all! You. all are so special too me. There is not enough words in the dictionary to say how I feel. But, I will let you know your love, hospitality, your respect to me and to the other patients will not go unnoticed.


My experience at the Care Center was great. The Nurse and Staff was always ready to help you when in need. The nurses and staff was really great.


The care My Mother received was top notch. Best care and the workers really care. Would use this facility again without hesitation.


Great experience. Staff was very nice. First experience at a rehab 91 yeard old. Its not so scary after all. That was a very big deal to know the main goal is for the patient to go home.

Would use again in a second. Thanks to all.


It's just been nice. The people are extremely nice. I'd come back if I had to.


My stay at Batavia Nursing Care Center has been a pleasant one. Everyone has been very nice and helpful to get me on my feet and strong again and I thank you all.


It was wonderful. Lucy is always nice to my family and I. The whole Therapy Department was great in helping me feel better. All of the staff are really nice.

Kenneth L.

It's like a second home; a good family, home, care, food, living - nothing to complain about. All the best at everything. Thanks to everyone for your good and loving care and all you did and do for me. You're all wonderful, loving people. I love you, everyone, and feel like you are part of my family. I'm so thankful you took wonderful care of me. You're all the best and thanks for the nice clean home like the nursing care center.

Lorene M.

I came to Batavia nursing care center on a ventilator. I am now weaned off of my ventilator. I am getting ready to have my trach removed soon. I will then get to go home to my daughter. All of the staff who cared for me were wonderful.

M. French

I had the best experience at Batavia Nursing Care, especially the Respiratory Team. Excellent hospitality great work on weaning me off my trach and taking it out.


The staff has been helpful and they are friendly. I enjoyed my stay, and if I need to go back to a nursing home, it will be here at Batavia Nursing Care Center.

Louise S.

Everyone here is very attentive, helpful and accommodating. The caregivers, including the nurses, nurse aides, therapists and specialists, are very experienced and knowledgeable, which really helped me in my overall journey to recovery.

Shelly F.

The nurses and the staff were great. My favorite meal was the taco salad. It was really good. If someone was asking to come here, I would say yes. It’s convenient for people on dialysis. They kept my room clean. Nurses and staff were excellent.

D. Bickle

To all the staff at Batavia Nursing Care Center, There are no words to express my appreciation for the exceptional care Terry received on a daily basis. I knew he was loved and taken care of by every person that entered his room. I can never forget each person I came in contact with because you showed me what caring people you are. Terry knew he was loved and felt comfortable until the end. Thank you to each and every wonderful, caring staff member at the facility. Love to all.

Cindy and Family

Thank you all - everyone treats me so well. I really enjoyed my stay- Thank you all again I learned to love you all!

Nancy F.

Everyone was very nice and very helpful. The therapy was great.

Charles J.

Mary really enjoyed Lucy! BNCC has been very helpful. I am thankful they were here for her to help so she could return home.

Daughter of M. Sprague

To the staff on wing F- thank you. If I needed your services, this is where I would want to be. You have been wonderful and I've told others you all really care about those in your care.

Marlene M.